About Us

Ashville General Store was opened in 1991 by co-founders Jackie Francis and Jim Cederquist. From the very beginning, the store was envisioned as a unique shopping experience for the community.

Inspired by fond memories of going to her grandmother's house as a child, Jackie wanted to create a store that felt like a home away from home. Jim shared her vision and was instrumental in helping to bring it to life.

Over the years, Ashville General Store has continued to evolve and grow, but it has always remained true to its roots. The store's carefully curated selection of products, which includes both grocery staples and locally sourced goods, has helped to provide quality goods to the community.

From fresh produce and pantry staples to locally made crafts and gifts, Ashville General Store offers a wide range of products that are carefully selected to meet the needs of its customers. With a focus on supporting local farmers and artisans, the store has become a destination for those who are passionate about supporting their community and shopping local.

Despite its many changes over the years, Ashville General Store remains a tribute to the idea of "going to grandma's house" - a place where everyone is welcome, and you always feel like family. Whether you're looking for groceries, gifts, or just a warm welcome, you're sure to find it at Ashville General Store

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Old Radio Ads!

A collection of some of our classic radio ads from years gone by.  We hope you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and listening to these timeless pieces of advertising history.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to WJTN as they approach their centennial anniversary. For almost a century, WJTN has been a stalwart of the radio industry, providing quality programming to the Jamestown, NY community and beyond. We are proud to be a part of this rich legacy and look forward to many more years of success in the future.

Google Reviews

David Malta: The BEST sub sandwiches you will ever have. Loved coming here as a kid and I love coming here as an adult!

John Pearson: One of the most awesome places to grab a bite to eat. The breakfast is killer, I recently had the jumbo French toast with a side of bacon and a toasted hard roll. It was all delicious. Last year when I visited I had a big pile of breakfast hash. The front deck is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the meal. Someday I hope to grab lunch here as I understand it's every bit as excellent.

Sarah Ivey: The general has such a unique small town feel, I love it so much. To add to that they have fantastic food and a friendly staff. The place is always clean as a whistle!